Shaving Brushes

Shaving Brushes

All Edwin Jagger shaving brushes are filled with the highest quality, hand graded badger hair from the badger species Meles Meles (a sustainable source).

Badger hair has been used for more than two centuries to make the finest shaving brushes. Rather than repelling it the hair absorbs water, and, when combined with a good quality shaving cream or soap, produces a rich shaving lather.

With the circular lathering motion the fine tips of badger hair lift and soften the beard to create a smooth, creamy shaving lather, cleanse and massage the face gently resulting in a comfortable shave. Using a badger shaving brush in the daily shaving routine will enhance the shave quality, improve facial skin appearance and promote a genuine feel good factor.

For more than two centuries badger hair has been used to make the best shaving brushes; it is quality graded according to the appearance and softness of the hairs; the ascending classifications Edwin Jagger use are best, super and silver tip. The cost of any brush reflects the quality and quantity of hair used for the brush.

Badger hair naturally absorbs water. Consequently, when the shaving brush is combined with hot water and shaving cream or soap, the lathering process introduces air and creates a warm, rich creamy lather that cleanses the skin, lifts the beard hairs and lubricates the path of the razor.

Best Badger is a good quality of pure badger hair which is normally regarded as the benchmark standard of shaving brush manufacturers. It is generally darkish in colour although the colours of individual hairs vary from grey and brown to black. This quality creates a lather far superior to that resulting from the use of a bristle brush.

Super Badger is longer and softer than best badger and because it is also finer, more hair is required to fill a brush. This high quality badger hair is hand graded and tied; visually the hair is darker at the base and very light in colour at the tips. It presents in a natural fan shape created by hand. Unlike some manufacturers Edwin Jagger do not trim the hair to create the overall badger bundle shape so that the soft hair tips remain intact.

Silver Tip Badger is the highest quality of all. This finely graded and sorted badger hair is the softest, rarest and most expensive badger hair with natural untrimmed silver tips to each hair. These finest quality silver tip shaving brushes are hand filled with the ultra soft and flexible hair to provide years of luxurious shaving.



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