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This excellent and addictive game is a huge hit in our shop. Simple to play but hard to master, he is sure to have great fun with it!


Pucket is a modern version of a traditional French game, known as Table à l'élastique or Passe Trappe. French artisans would make the game from wood and use cat-gut for the elastic, which had to be kept moist during gameplay to stop it turning limp. The game is still played in France by traditional games enthusiasts.

How to play:

Both players start with eight pucks (the wooden discs) on their side of the board.

On the shout of “GO”, both players use the elastic to fire pucks furiously through the gate until all the pucks are on one side of the board. Both players can fire at the same time as they race to clear their side.

He is sure to be as addicted as we are!