The Wenger Swiss Army Knife dates back to 1886 when the Swiss Army decided to equip every soldier with a regulation single-blade folding knife. In 1889 a new rifle was introduced and to take apart the rifle a screwdriver was needed. So the decision was made to create a multi-purpose tool incorporating a knife, screwdriver, reamer and can opener. At that time, the cutlery industry in Switzerland was well established but incapable of mass production so the knives were made in Solingen, Germany. However, a Swiss cutler soon established a knife manufacturing company and began to make army knives. Shortly after in 1893 at Courtetelle in Delémont Valley, the second industrial cutlery of Switzerland, Paul Boechat & Cie - and the future Wenger S.A. - received a contract from the Swiss Army to produce knives.

Today Wenger proudly follows those traditions with multi-functionality being at the heart of the brand but alongside modern innovation in both style and content.


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