There’s nothing very sentimental about Splimple greetings cards. But on the other hand you won’t find any gratuitous expletives either. And you absolutely, definitely will never find anything remotely puerile. Nor any glitter, flitter, badges or strange noises … all they promise are well written, witty and interestingly illustrated greetings cards that are neither predictable nor clichéd.

So, what else characterises a Splimple greetings card? Well, they’re very British. We Brits feel far safer giving compliments with a bit of accompanying abuse (get well if you must … congratulations through gritted teeth etc) – so there’s lots of back-handed humour in our card ranges. There’s also satire, occasional cynicism, liberal doses of sarcasm and plenty of grumpiness.

Now Splimple have brought their very British humour to fantastic ranges of mugs, the ideal gift to treat him with.

Splimple Gifts For Men At The Inside Man


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