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London Collection Canvas Prints

London Collection Canvas Prints for Men at The Inside Man

These limited edition photographic prints are part of the London Collection, a celebration of all things London.

A feast for the eyes the mosaic prints show London from a truly different angle. The canvas prints are made up of hundreds of images of all things London. From afar you can see the detail of the large image. While close up you can see it is made of a myriad of obvious and not-so-obivous London landmarks.

The collection also includes unique collages to give you a different take on London's many attractions.

Maximum of 500 prints produced ensuring your exclusivity.

Printed on 100% canvas on kiln-dried hardwood which won't warp - ever.

Available in a range of sizes, click on a print to see options.

Please allow a week for delivery or contact us to check availability.


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