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Jaques 8 Polished Alloy Boule in Zip Case


Price: £39.99

Jaques 8 Polished Alloy Boule in Zip Case

Jaques' 8 boule polished metal set includes 8 polished alloy boules contained in an attractive canvas carry case.

"Boules" is a name given to a group of games which involve the throwing of metal balls. Two of the most popular boule games are pétanque and boule lyonnaise. The aim of these games is to get the large, heavy balls as close to the small 'jack' as you can. It is very popular, especially in France, but also Italy, where it may often be seen played in any open space in villages and towns. It is also similar to 'bocce' and 'bowls'.

Jaques were the first and sole agent for the french game when it landed on UK shores. This superb, polished alloy 8 Boule set comes complete in a beautiful zipped canvas carry case and is packed carefully to protect the Boules whilst they are in transit.

Boule makes a great beach or backyard game and the fine quality boules used in this set, are designed to withstand even the most aggressive and competitive play.

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